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Government can no longer ignore number of UK abortions, says MP

Fiona Bruce MP has urged the Government to support measures that will help decrease the number of abortions in the UK.

Her call comes after recent figures revealed abortions in England and Wales have hit a record level.

“In light of the latest abortion statistics, the Government simply cannot ignore any longer the number of abortions taking place in this country,” Mrs Bruce, a member of the All-Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group, told The Catholic Universe.

“Polling shows that the majority of women want to see a reduction in the abortion time limit and increased support for women facing unplanned pregnancies. It’s clear to these large majorities that both lives matter. It’s time for the Government to catch up and support sensible measures that will help decrease the number of abortions,” the Conservative MP for Congleton said.

“It’s also very concerning to see that the same abortion providers that have been accused of paying staff bonuses for persuading women to undergo abortions are now calling for the removal of most legal restrictions around abortion and the introduction of abortion up to birth,” Mrs Bruce added. “This regressive change to our laws would likely see these numbers get even worse.”

Figures recently published online by the Department of Health revealed that abortions in 2018 rose by four per cent the previous year.

The 205,295 abortions represented the first time that more than 200,000 have been carried out in a single year.

The previous peak was about 198,000 recorded in 2007.

Picture: In this 2007 file photo, children in London march during a pro-life demonstration. (CNS photo/Toby Melville, Reuters).