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Michael Gove accused of ‘classic hypocrisy’ over plastic cup use following Lenten promise

Michael Gove has been accused of “classic hypocrisy” after he drank from a plastic cup while pledging to cut his use of single-use plastics for Lent.

The Environment Secretary used a compostable cup during an appearance before MPs on Ash Wednesday as he said he would “seek to minimise” his plastic use for the 40-day period.

“I said that I would reduce my use of single-use plastic,” he told them.

Compostable, plant-based cups were introduced to the Houses of Parliament last year to replace existing single-use plastic items.

However environmental campaigners say reusables are still better for the planet.

A Labour Party spokesman said: “This is classic hypocrisy from Michael Gove, and the public have seen enough of his grandstanding.

“He should give up on the PR stunts and focus on turning his rhetoric on the environment into genuine action.”

Picture: Environment Secretary Michael Gove speaks on a mobile phone in Downing Street, London. (Stefan Rousseau/PA).