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Rising rap star admits his soul was saved the day he confessed to murder

Trevell Coleman was at one time a rising star in music’s hip-hop scene, a man for whom the trappings of a rock star’s fame and wealth seemed to be his for the taking.

However, away from the spotlight he had a deep, dark secret that ate away at him and his soul: on 15th December 2010, the star turned himself in for a fatal shooting carried out 17 years earlier.

In this week’s episode of BBC World Service’s Heart and Soul: The Dilemma journalist Mike Wooldridge examines how the Catholic faith of a successful rapper played a major role in his confession to murder.

You can read more about Coleman and how his Catholic faith played a major role in confessing to murder in this week’s Universe and Catholic Times, out on 8th July 2016.

You can also hear more about Coleman’s struggle with conscience and the role his faith had in coming to terms with his troubled past on Heart and Soul: The Dilemma on BBC World Service on Sunday 10th July from 9.30am to 10am.

During the programme Mike Wooldridge speaks to Trevell Coleman about his deeply disturbed past; how it affected his health; and how turning to his Catholic faith helped him find peace.

He speaks to Crystal Sutton about her relationship with Coleman; the moment he confessed the shooting to her; how she finds some solace at her local Catholic church in Harlem; and how she brings up their 12-year-old twin sons, Trevell Jr and Tyler, who also speak to Wooldridge in the programme.

Wooldridge discusses Coleman’s hip-hop career with Chuck Creekmur, cofounder of leading hip-hop website and what the future may hold for him when he is released.

He also speaks with Jim Nelson, editor-in-chief of GQ magazine, who was the jury foreman at Coleman’s trial.

Picture: Trevell Coleman. (BBC).